Hot To Trot Stables



I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. It is a dream come true that I not only own horses now, but that I have helped rehome and bring aweness to so many in need. It's also very heartwarmng to work along with my daughter, and some very talented instructors and riders, that have become life long friends,  and also to have the support of my husband. 

I could not do this with out the help and generosity of the community. I am truley greatful for all the kindness. 

I love sharing my knowledge of horsemanship, as much as I love learning from others. Here is a photo of my very first rescue/adoption, "heart horse".


Rachel has been teaching by my side for years, and has now develpoed her own group of students.  She loves working with riders and seeing them advance in lessons, or simply brush up on their skills. Rachel enjoys competing, and helping me with show planning, and supporting her "team" of young riders. Rachel has earned countless awards in English and western competitions, and still enjoys learning new things with her horse Tally Ho, as shown is this photo.


Cassandra is a local artist (movie set make-up, event make-up, sculpturer, etc) who offered to help here, because of her love and experience with horses. She is truly valued here as a worker as well as a friend ! You can always tell when she is here, just look for the "red lipstick kiss mark" on the horse's nose ! She is incredibly generous with her time and help ! Cassandra is pictured here with one of her favorite horses, Sundance.

Jodi Sibilia

Jodi is our "Yoga on horseback" instructor, as well as assisiting with our lesson program. Jodi also has a degree in teaching and currently works at Spakenkill School District, as well as operating her own Yoga Studio, "Niyama Horse Bending Studio". Jodi has a wonderful way of communicating with horses, children and adults. She is trully an asset to our program and we are very lucky to have her as part of our barn family and dear friend. Jodi is pictired here with her favorite horse, Quincy.

Taylor Jones

Taylor has been riding for years and now enjoys teaching. Taylor rides English and Western and has earned many awards this past show season. Taylor currently works as a vet assistant. She has a wondeful way with animals and is very pateint with her students...I love seeing her enthusiasm when her students do well ! Taylor is a big help to me and I love how I can depend on her for anything ! Taylor is pictured here with her favorite horse, Sugar.

Ava Rouxel

Ava has been riding with us since she was a little girl ! She has come so far since then...she is now our "official photographer", my side kick at camps, organizer of paper work, and the barn, she is a great help with the riders and although still developing her riding skills, she has a keen eye when it comes to teaching lessons. Easier said than done, as nerves get the best of her at shows, despite earning many awards this past show season ! Being part of our barn family has helped Ava with her anxiety and stress, and I love her openness to share that with others...she has been a great help to us and our riders....we love her XOXOXO...and that smile :) Ava is shown here with her favorite horse....Ebby.

Meranda Zent

Meranda was brought to our barn by her friend Taylor. She is a strong rider and instructor and we have learned much from her from her past experience as a rider at other barns. Meranda excells and riding English, loves competing and is a great "caption" when we go on trail rides. Meranda's schedule does not allow her alot of free time to teach here, but when she does, it's a great lesson ! We look forward to show season and hunter paces with her this year !