Hot To Trot Stables




I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. It is a dream come true that I not only own horses now, but that I have helped rehome and bring aweness to so many in need. It's also very heartwarmng to work along with my daughter, and some very talented instructors and riders, that have become life long friends,  and also to have the support of my husband. 

I could not do this with out the help and generosity of the community. I am truley greatful for all the kindness. 

I love sharing my knowledge of horsemanship, as much as I love learning from others. 


Rachel has been teaching by my side for years, She also works the camps with us. She loves working with riders and seeing them advance in lessons, or simply brush up on their skills. Rachel enjoys competing, and helping me with show planning, and supporting her "team" of young riders. Rachel is currently attending DCC and hopes to become an equine dentist. (or a crazy cat lady)


Corinne has been teaching here for a couple of years, mostly on Sundays. She has a great way with kids, adults and the horses. She is very patient, and always makes the lesson fun ! Corinne is a volunteer at The Therapeutic Riding Center, and has been riding since she was 4 yrs old. Corrine has retrained and taught lessons, and has competed across NY, RI, and CT. Corinne will be attending Johnson & Wales this fall, majoring in Equine Bussiness and International Bussiness Relations.


Anna is our "Wednesday" instructor and the group looks forward to her new plan each week. Anna is also a volunteer at TEC, and has been teaching for years, as well as riding since a young age. Anna owns an off the track TB, that she is currently training, "Star". 


Cassandra is a local artist (movie set make-up, event make-up, sculpturer, etc) who offered to help here, because of her love and experience with horses. She is truly valued here as a worker as well as a friend ! You can always tell when she is here, just look for the "red lipstick kiss mark" on the horse's nose ! She is incredibly generous with her time and help !