Hot To Trot Stables


"Tally~Ho" (barn name "Tally")

Tally is a back and white spotted draft cross mare, 17 hands tall, DOB 2006. 

Tally rides english, hunter and jumper, western. Tally is a big girl and a blast to ride ! She is very smart and willing !

"Song at Midnight" (barn name "Ebby")

Ebby is a black TB / Percheron cross mare, 17 hands tall, DOB 2000.  

Ebby is a beautiful as she is sweet ! Ebby is english only and a barn favorite, for even the smallest of riders ! Ebby is currently retired from jumping due to arthritis in her front foot, but is used for flat work. She is very responsive, well trained, and a pleasure to ride !

"Sunny with a Chance" (barn name "Sundance" )

Sundance is a chestnut gelding, 15 hands tall, DOB 1997, estimated. 

Sundance was my first rescue horse. He came from a rescue barn, he was found abandoned on a farm ,locked in a stall with no food or water. He weighed about 600 lbs (he's now 1,000). He was starved, dehydrated, anemic, full of cuts and scrapes from trying to escape. He has changed my life, as he is now thriving and a total love bug ! He can easily jump 4ft, he is a great ride for the more advanced riders, and yet he is also happy to "mosey around" at a pony party. 

"Captain Morgan" (barn name "Captain")

Captain is a bay Morgan gelding, 15 hands tall, DOB 2002.

Captain is a new barn favorite ! He is a recently addition to our barn, we took him in when he needed to be rehomed. He is happy to be back at work, and a lot of fun to ride ! He is a very smart boy and we just love him !

"Some like it Hot" (barn name "Sugar")

Sugar is an appaloosa mare, 14.2 hands tall, DOB 2004.

Sugar s also a barn favorite ! She was rescued by her previous owners, but needed to be rehomed, as she did not "Play well" with her pasture mate. Thankfully she gets along well with everyone here, but it is clear that she is the alpha mare, as she has the respect of horses much bigger than her ! She is a really dependable, kind, horse. She is a nice jumper, never refuses, has a great trot and canter, and then she can easily switch it up to run barrels ! She does it all, and many riders have learned so much with her ! She is blind in one eye, but you would never know it ! 


We are ver greatfull to have  Goober leased to us for lessons. He is owned by our friend Ashley. We have known Goober for years, he's an exceptional horse ! Goober is a palamino paint Mustang gelding. He is about 14 plus hands tall, very stocky build. DOB 1998. Goober has had a very succesful career running barrels ! He is my "go to" horse for many begginers, as he has a wonderful temperament and trully takes care of his rider.


Quincy is beautiful chestnut Quarter horse, gelding. He stands about 16 hands tall, DOB 1998. Quincy was trained as a western pleasure horse, we use him for lessons, english & western. Quincy was given to us by his previous owner when his 40 year old pasture mate passed away & he was alone. He truly missed the only family he knew, I would like to thank Jodi for bringing him along and loving him so much ! Quincy makes the funniest faces and has a personality of his own !


Frodo is a registered sorrel pinto / medicine hat minature horse, about 40 inches tall. DOB 2011.

Frodo is a rescue from camelot, as he ended up in the kill pen with about 10 other mini's. He is just adorable ! He has the bluest eyes, and is veru playfull anc curious...he plays with EVERYTHING ! He is like a big puppy (we even brought him into my living room for Christmas photos). He will accept a very small rider, and loves walking on the rail during a lesson with the "big guys". We bring him everywhere for guest appearances, as you may often see us walking him in town, at the church yard, local schools, etc